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Cameristica is a non-profit association that provides support and creative strategies, aimed at advancing the music sector.

Music is an integral part of our lives, in good times and bad.


We turn to it to generate infinite emotions, which is why festivals, masterclasses and courses are the ideal place for children, young people and adults to connect and mature.

The benefits of making music together are well documented and include personal, intellectual, spiritual, social and professional development. It can also help to rescue young people and adults from a disoriented and directionless state.

 If we invest in the educational development of young people from an early age, it will undoubtedly help to improve attention and concentration in any aspect of life.


As for adults, they benefit from the responsibility of keeping this society on its feet, despite the stress and so many daily commitments.



To create festivals, concerts, masterclasses and musical courses that strengthen and promote spaces in which musicians can appreciate the skills of other musicians and also discover themselves.


To generate a high-level artistic environment, all this through different artists recognized worldwide in the musical world.


To offer culture to the general population through chamber music concerts, thus contributing to the promotion of concert culture at a high quality artistic level, as well as encouraging the community's interest in learning about and appreciating this type of music.



Awaken the interest in children, young people and even adults, to approach the practice of an instrument, not simply as a healthy hobby but as something that stimulates intelligence, reinforces discipline and the possibility of generating interest in dedicating themselves to music in the future.

Unify local musicians in this movement with the mission of committing to a collaboration on the task of cultivating good music.


Increasing communication and ties in this sector of artists in the city.

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