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‘Cameristica Festival 2024’

This summer we organize the first edition of ‘Cameristica Festival’ in Brussels, from August 26 till September 1.

The objective of our festival is to provide young conservatory students with the opportunity to receive instruction from renowned maestros at a relatively low cost compared to other festivals in the world. This will be achieved through chamber music classes, individual classes, motivational speeches, chamber orchestra and concerts. We will be joined by Eliane Reyes, David Cohen, Alexandra Soumm, Hrachya Avanesyan and Marc Sabbah, our co-artistic director of the festival.

Your support remains very welcome, as unfortunately we did not receive all the funds we were hoping for.

What is ‘Cameristica Festival’?

The festival will be open to all student, advanced amateur and professional string and piano musicians who form a chamber ensemble. From 18 years of age and upwards, with no age limit.

They will have access to:

- Chamber music classes

- Motivational speeches

- Individual Public masterclass by instrument

- Chamber music concert

- Chamber Orchestra (strings only)



The Festival includes also 4 concerts, open to everyone

-August 29/30 Concerts by the professors of the festival

-August 31 and September 1 Concerts by the students of the festival

Why crowdfunding?

Cameristica is a non-profit association that provides support and creative strategies aimed at advancing the classical music sector.  Our mission is to build bridges between Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe, creating festivals, concerts, masterclasses and music courses that strengthen and promote spaces where musicians can appreciate the skills of more advanced musicians while discovering themselves.

We will give chances to young musicians to participate for a low cost. For that reason we need support to pay our partners correctly.

How to participate

You can participate by clicking on de ‘supportbutton’ and filling in the form. We really appreciate your help!

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